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 Shades of Blue


2.Bells of Midnight

3.Like a film

4.Northeast Wind

5.Marks of destruction

6.Come back stranger tonight

7.Footprints in the sand

8.We're in trouble now

9.Let me go

10.Shades of Blue

  Time to finish the words

1.Like we like to do

2.Waiting for the time

3.No Queen of Hearts

4.Cold Stone Wall Blues


6.Lucky Days

7.Last time I cry

8.Sarah couldn't sleep

9.Town tonight

10.I've just seen what thosepretty eyes can do

11.Are you ready

Steve  McSmith

 Sorry, wrong number

1.Tears of love

2.Which way

3.Danger lies deep

4.Look at the sky tonight

5.Walking in the dark

6.Wheels of time

7.Follow the rivers flow

8.We let the rose die

9.I'm but a shadow

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